The Oakland Raiders Officially Filed To Relocate To Las Vegas And The Reactions On Twitter Are GOLD


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(Or should I say silver?)

Welp, Mark Davis and the Oakland Raiders made it official, filing relocation papers with the NFL to move to Las Vegas on Thursday.

Hard to blame them when you consider that they could be playing in THIS SICK STADIUM versus the decrepit Coliseum should their move be approved.

Now all they need is the thumbs up from 24 of the NFL’s other owners and it will be pretty much a done deal. (Let’s just hope all that talk about re-branding the team was just that…talk.)

Needless to say, a big move like this was met with ALL KINDS of reactions. Some are good, some are bad, but most of them are just comical.

Here’s a little sampling so far…

Actually, it does.

Oh God, no.