Raiders Star Maxx Crosby On Not Making The Playoffs: ‘I’m Sick of That S—‘

Maxx Crosby

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In a candid statement to the media, Las Vegas Raiders‘ star pass-rusher Maxx Crosby vented his frustration over his team’s recent playoff drought.

Crosby’s remarks came during a press conference where he discussed his unwavering commitment to winning and his determination to lead by example.

Crosby stated, “Every single day, I come in here, I think about winning. I don’t do this year ‘round to come in and not make the playoffs — I’m sick of that s—. And I want to keep winning.”

He emphasized his desire to return to the playoffs and to compete on the big stage, citing his motivation to be the best in his position and to contribute to the team’s success.

Known for his prowess as an edge rusher, Crosby has amassed an impressive 37.5 sacks and 93 quarterback hits in his career so far. Crosby also topped the NFL in tackles for loss in 2022.

Despite his individual achievements, Crosby’s frustration is palpable as he yearns for team success, including a return to the playoffs and the opportunity to compete for championships.

Crosby’s determination to lead by example and elevate his team’s performance is evident, as he strives to overcome the obstacles that stand in their way.