Raiders Maxx Crosby And Rams Cam Akers Exchange Blows At Joint Practice; One Of Them Got Kicked Out

Maxx Crosby

Sean Gardner/Getty Image


Rams RB Cam Akers responds to Raiders Maxx Crosby after they threw punches at joint practice.

Crosby said: “S—, I was just doing what I do. He didn’t like that. So he got what he got.”

Akers responded: “Somebody ask him what it was I got? Anybody with eyes saw what happened”

Original story:

In a heated joint team practice between the Raiders and the Rams, tensions escalated as a physical confrontation broke out between defensive end Maxx Crosby and running back Cam Akers.

The altercation took place during an 11-on-11 drill, turning what was meant to be a collaborative session into a display of aggression.

According to reports from The Athletic’s Tashan Reed, the incident unfolded when Maxx Crosby aggressively pursued Cam Akers during a running play.

Attempting to dislodge the ball from Akers’ grasp, Crosby’s actions ignited a spark of discontent. Despite the play being nearly over, Akers took exception to Crosby’s actions and retaliated, leading to a series of exchanged punches.

The situation swiftly escalated as both teams rushed to the scene to intervene and break up the altercation.

Ultimately, Cam Akers was ejected from the practice session for his involvement, presumably due to his initial physical response to Crosby’s attempt to strip the ball.

Meanwhile, Maxx Crosby was relegated to the sideline and excluded from the remainder of the drill.

This recent episode of on-field animosity is not an isolated incident in this year’s joint team practices.

Similar altercations were reported during practices involving the New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, as well as between the Washington Commanders and Baltimore Ravens.

These skirmishes highlight the intense competitive atmosphere that can arise when two teams share a practice field, underscoring the fine line between camaraderie and competitiveness in the world of professional football.