Rajon Rondo’s Teammates Tried To Pick Him Up Like An Uncooperative Child In Kings’ Latest Heartwarming Moment

Rajon Rondo's teammates try to help him up


The Sacramento Kings are a 12-19, confusing mess. Last night they lost to the Warriors on the road, 122-103, but it wasn’t without comedy or drama, the two signature staples of George Karl’s wandering soldiers.

The fun began shortly after Rajon Rondo collided with Brandon Rush near the Kings bench when several teammates — including DeMarcus Cousins — rushed over to help the point guard to his feet in what ended up looking a lot more like a child throwing a tantrum and refusing to stand until he got his way.

That’s just great performance art. And the best part is that just moments later, Rondo was the one seen playing the parental role in doing his best to keep DeMarcus Cousins from getting ejected from the game. To the surprise of no one, it did not work.

This is no basketball team, guys. This is FAMILY. A very messy, highly dysfunctional family. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now, for the “helping hand remix.”

[H/T @BleacherReport, TBL]

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