The Rams’ Application For Relocation To L.A. Took A Hot And Steamy Turd All Over The City Of St. Louis

by 3 years ago

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Ever since 1995, the St. Louis Rams have called the “Gateway City” home, enjoying some good times—including a Super Bowl win in the 1999 season—and some really crappy ones, too. And, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, the team has been exploring options to get the hell out of the city because its owner, Stan Kroenke, is a motherfucker who loves money. (OK, so that might just be my personal opinion, but it’s probably not too far off.)

The Rams, who came from Los Angeles prior to moving to St. Louie, officially filed their relocation application yesterday and, well, it doesn’t look like they’re too fond of what the current town has to offer. Per Deadspin, here’s what the application read:

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