Rapper Blueface Was Really Mad After Spending $12k To Watch Mayweather-Paul Fight In Person

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  • LA-based rapper Blueface made his to Miami to watch the Mayweather-Paul fight in person
  • After the fight Blueface was disappointed and claimed he spent $12k on his trip to Miami for the fight
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Rapper Blueface fell for the Floyd Mayweather-Logan Paul fight hype and now he’s mad that he shelled out so much money to watch it in person.

Over the weekend, the LA-based rapper made his way to Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium for the fight as documented by several social media posts.

The fight ended up being a huge disappointment that led to regular people who paid $50 to moan about getting ripped off.

After the fight, Blueface uploaded a video on Instagram stating that he was mad as hell for paying $12k to watch the fight.

“I’m mad as a motherf*cker,” “I spent like $12,000 for this… Never again.”

Maybe Blueface should hit up Mayweather personally for a refund. Ouch.