Rapper Kodak Black Enrages The Internet After Throwing $100k Into The Ocean In Instagram Video

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  • Rapper Kodak Black is currently beefing with an artist under his record label over apparent financial issues
  • Black went on to film himself throwing thousands of dollars into ocean rather than pay his artist
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Kodak Black is currently beefing with an artist signed under his Sniper Gang label and has apparently lost his mind in the process.

Fans believe Kodak had a falling out with rapper Jackboy over financial issues as the two have been taking cryptic shots at each other on social media all week.

A fed up Kodak took to Twitter on Tuesday and appeared to address the situation.


Eventually, Kodak started throwing thousands of dollars into the ocean, which he claims is money Jackboy feels is owed to him.


He would later film himself flushing $100 bills down the toilet.


The Internet was pretty pissed at Kodak for straight-up throwing money away instead of doing something productive with it.


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