Nation’s Top Recruit Received Disturbing Racist Voice Mail The Day Before Official Visit To Clemson

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Some of you may have heard the name Rashan Gary before, as he was ranked as the No. 1 college football recruit in the nation this past year, which meant every big-time school doing anything they could to get him to commit to them.

And while being recruited by some of the most prestigious programs in the nation had to be amazing, Gary received a voicemail prior to his visit to the University of Clemson that was so racist that it’s scary.

According to, the talented defensive tackle’s high school, Paramus Catholic, received a message from a man who called himself “Clemson Dan” the day before the five-star recruit was to make an official visit, which made disturbing references to the KKK:

“Yes, this here is ‘Clemson Dan,’ and this message is for Mr. Rashan Gary,” the man said on the voice mail. “We just wantin’ to know if you’re coming down here for a visit, you better be serious about it, ’cause there’s only two things we love and that’s Clemson football and the KKK.”

“If you’re coming down here, you gotta do just like the KKK and be serious about your football. Clemson and the KKK, the two things we love the most,” the caller said.

“So you better not be fooling around, if you’re gonna get a visit, you better be commitin’,” “Clemson Dan” said on the voice mail.

“So, just be aware, this ain’t no fooling thing. We Clemson. We big-time football down here.”

“We don’t take no losers, no stragglers, no lazies, no dumb people,” the voice mail from “Clemson Dan” continued, “so if you’re coming down here, you gotta do just like the KKK and be serious about your football.”

“So if you’re coming down here, you better be serious,” “Clemson Dan” ended his phone message. “All right Rashan Gary, you better be the real deal. Over and out, this is ‘Clemson Dan’ saying goodbye.”

School officials immediately informed the Paramus Police Department—which is now under investigation—as well as letting Gary, his family and Clemson coaches of the incident.

Though it’s thought that the message was from a rival school’s fan in hopes to spook Gary and convince him to sign elsewhere, this is still scary, sad and a ridiculous act that proves college football fans can be way out of whack.

Whether influenced by the voice mail or not, Rashan Gary opted to sign with the Michigan Wolverines a few days after the phone call.

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