Adam Schefter Scares The Living Day Lights Out Of Ravens Fans With This Injury Update

Adam Schefter Scares Ravens Fans With This Injury Update

Getty Image / Rob Carr

It’s that time of the year when any injury report can be detrimental to the upcoming season. The Baltimore Ravens have a few players everyone is keeping tabs on, as their playing status could determine how effective the offense is. However, Adam Schefter delivered an injury update that had some fans shook in fear it was about JK Dobbins.

Adam Schefter Makes Ravens Fans Heart Sink But It’s Not What You Think

Everyone saw the Ravens mascot get carted off during a preseason game, right? Well, that’s the injury update Adam Schefter tweeted about on Thursday. Regardless, those first four words, “A blow to Baltimore,” gave some fans a mini heart attack. JK Dobbins is still working through a knee injury and everyone is hoping for the best for him. Instead, we find out that Poe, the mascot, is out for the remainder of the season.

Baltimore will eventually hire a new person to wear the mascot suit if they haven’t done so already. Even so, Ravens fans couldn’t help themselves from being concerned about their star running back.

Yeah. We have to agree. The timing is awful.

Then of course, as Ian Haritz points out, we are in the midst of fantasy football draft season.

Me too, man. Me too.

Luckily, this report isn’t about JK Dobbins. However, we still wish Poe, the Ravens mascot, a quick recovery.

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