Fans Fuming After Egregious Roughing The Passer Call Puts Bills In FG Position On Game-Winning Drive

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Baltimore fans are not happy after seeing a late roughing the passer call aid the Bills on their game-winning drive in a 23-20 win over the Ravens.

Baltimore drove the length of the field late in the final period but opted to go for a fourth-and-goal situation from the two-yard line. The 93-yard drive ended with a Lamar Jackson interception in the back of the endzone, leaving the score knotted at 20-20.

The Bills’ offense then led a 77-yard drive that ended with a game-winning field goal as time expired to give Buffalo a close come-from-behind victory. But one call on that series is being criticized.

With the Bills behind the chains on a 1st-and-15, Ravens defender Brandon Stephens was flagged for a roughing the passer penalty that many are calling egregious.

The call not only turned what would’ve been a 2nd-and-15 into a first down, but it also put the Bills at the 26-yard line, easily within field goal range. Buffalo was able to wind the clock to the final seconds before kicking that field goal to win.

Now, many on social media are up in arms.

Fans rip officials for roughing the passer call on the Ravens

When fans saw the roughing the passer call go against the Ravens at a critical moment in the game, they quickly hopped on social media to post reactions. The hit was neither late nor to the neck/head area of a defenseless player and it was certainly not deserving of a flag.

Baltimore fans were fuming. Take a look at the immediate response on Twitter.

The media was quick to jump in, with Trey Wingo saying, “That roughing the passer call was a joke,” after seeing the ticky-tack penalty.

Jeff Zrebiec noted that it helped Buffalo get well within field goal range, commenting, “Boger just flagged Stephens for a roughing the passer call. Now Bills well in FG range.”

Many of the reactions commented on Josh Allen’s begging for the flag as soon as he hit the turf, which seemed to help sway the mind of the official making the call.

A couple of former Ravens replied to the penalty, with RGIII posting, “A QB getting hit hard DOESN’T equal roughing the passer.”

Baltimore WR Torrey Smith said, “One bad call changed everything… Roughing the passer should be reviewed like targeting in college!”

Even rules analyst Gene Steratore agreed that the wrong call was made, posting, “This was a hard hit on Josh Allen in Buffalo vs. Baltimore, but the contact was neither late nor to the head/neck area. Allen did fall awkwardly which always adds an additional layer of difficulty for these plays, but IMO that did not warrant a flag for Roughing the Passer.”

Ravens fans can’t blame the call for the loss after turning the ball over twice in the fourth quarter, but it certainly didn’t help their chances.