Fans Think MJ Is Trolling With His Response To LeBron Setting The Scoring Record

Michael Jordan talks to the media.

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LeBron James is the NBA’s new scoring champ, passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on Tuesday night to set the mark. His 38-point performance against the Thunder now puts him all alone at the top of the list.

The debate is now out on whether or not we should consider James to be the top player in league history. His biggest competition in the race is Hall of Famer Michael Jordan.

On Wednesday, MJ commented on LeBron’s recent feat with a message of congratulations. Fans are now digging deeper, believing that it was a backhanded compliment.

From TMZ Sports:

“Congratulations to LeBron on this incredible achievement. It’s a testament to his hard work, longevity, and his great skill.”

Basketball fans are focusing on one word in particular from that remark.


They believe that MJ uses it as a slight jab at LeBron’s accomplishment. Here’s what they were saying.

One person wrote, “Longevity being the key word. MJ doesn’t care.”

Another said, “I know bro said this through his teeth.”

Now, the MJ-LeBron debate has been one that’s gone on for years. The old era believes Jordan takes the crown as the NBA’s best player of all time. The youth see James as holding the title.

There are points for each side.

Obviously, LeBron is the top scorer in league history, and he could soon become the assist leader, too. MJ, meanwhile, ranks fifth in total points.

But Jordan also played 400 less games, taking 2,000 fewer shots. Hence, the emphasis on “longevity.”

MJ is a 10-time single-season scoring champ, compared to LeBron’s one. Eight times he averaged 30 points or more in a season, topping out at 37 points a game in 1986.

James has averaged 30 or more on three occasions, with one coming last season. A fourth appears to be coming in 2023.

Whether it was a shot or not is up for debate. Fans are obviously judging Jordan, who’s not always been the most complimentary of players, even to teammates.

We’ll let you decide.