College Football Fans Debate What Will Happen To Oregon, Pac 12 When USC And UCLA Leave

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  • Oregon and the rest of the PAC 12 could be in trouble judging by a recent report
  • It’s been announced that USC and UCLA could leave the conference
  • Fans are wondering what will happen to the Ducks and the league if it happens

The college football world was turned head over heels with a breaking report on Thursday afternoon.

PAC 12 insider Jon Wilner tweeted out that two of the league’s biggest brands are considering leaving the conference. USC and UCLA are the two schools, and they represent arguably the most high-profile football and basketball programs on the West Coast.

Without them it would be tough for the conference to survive.

The league would fall to 10 teams, losing their presence in Los Angeles. The PAC 12 had already struggled to get teams into the College Football Playoff due to lack of success on the gridiron, and without USC in particular, the strength of the conference would fall even further.

That very issue has fans wondering what will happen should the Trojans and Bruins actually move on to the Big Ten. Would the PAC 12 try to stay afloat by adding teams? Programs like Boise State could be an option our west.

Would they think about joining forces with the Big XII, who has also seen two of its top programs poached from the league?

Also, what happens to Oregon, who would be left as the lone consistent College Football Playoff contender?

Fans are debating that very thing on social media.

College football fans debate what happens to Oregon, PAC 12 following USC, UCLA report

Would Oregon consider leaving the PAC 12, too? Or would they stay put?

If USC and UCLA leave, it certainly gives them an easier path to the conference championship, but that strength of schedule might be too weak to overcome in terms of the CFP.

Maybe they’d follow USC and UCLA to the Big Ten, if possible.

Here’s what fans are saying.

Others are debating a possible move by the PAC 12 to partner with another conference.

It will certainly be interesting to follow should USC and UCLA eventually leave. This move would provide a huge shake up to college football.