Fans Can’t Stop Laughing At This Photo Of Roy Williams Frustratingly Caught In A Traffic Jam

Roy Williams speaks at his retirement press conference.

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Roy Williams will go down as one of college basketball’s all-time greatest coaches. The leader took a pair of programs to Final Fours in UNC and Kansas, winning three national titles with the Tar Heels.

He’ll also be remembered for his “aw, shucks” persona which was seemed a perfect fit to lead a top tier team in the southeast.

Williams called it a career following the 2020-21 season, ending his storied tenure with the third-most wins in college basketball history. Over 33 seasons, he led 30 teams to the NCAA Tournament with one of those omissions being in the 2020 COVID year.

Williams’ announcement came a year before the legendary Coach K retired at Duke, ending an era not just in the Tobacco Road rivalry, but for the sport as a whole.

Now, Williams spends his time rooting on the Tar Heels from the stands or swinging the clubs on the golf course. On Tuesday, the former head coach was spotted in Asheville, NC as where he got stuck in a major traffic jam on I-40.

A photo of the coach in that gridlock is now going viral on social media.

Where Williams was headed, we don’t know, but followers were quick to post would-be reactions from the coach as he sat on the interstate. It was almost meme-worthy.

Fans could hear the “dadgums” and “gosh darns” ringing out from the picture.

A few “golly gee’s” even made an appearance.

Others said he looked like he was headed to or from the links.

Whatever the case, Williams looked frustrated as he stood outside his car door talking on his cell phone. Hopefully, he made it to his destination in reasonable time.