Reactions To Marvin Lewis Joining Herm Edwards’ Arizona State Coaching Staff Are High Entertainment

Reactions To Marvin Lewis Joining Herm Edwards Arizona State Staff

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Remember how funny the the reactions were when, after being fired as head coach of the Cleveland Browns, Hue Jackson joined the Bengals as a special assistant to Marvin Lewis? (And immediately spawned Dwight Schrute memes?)

Yeah, well, guess who’s a special assistant now?!

Okay, so Marvin Lewis’ official title is going to be Special Advisor, but as Dwight Schrute always knew, one’s title is always subject to interpretation.

[protected-iframe id=”463f7cefc686def642927affdf8bb0bd-97886205-92827192″ info=”” width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″ class=”giphy-embed” allowfullscreen=””] wrote about the hire, “Lewis has a home in Phoenix, and wasn’t busy after his gig as a commentator for the AAF ended prematurely (and apparently without other media opportunities).”

Wonder why he didn’t just make the move to an NFL broadcast booth? Oh… right.

Anyhoo, Lewis, who went 131-122-3 in 16 years with the Bengals (0-7 in the playoffs) will be joining Herm, along with former NFL assistant coach Shawn Slocum and former NFL players Kevin Mawae, Antonio Pierce, Derek Hagan, and Danny White on the staff down in Tempe.

Reactions to Lewis’ hiring by Edwards was met with derision by many on the internet (mostly by Bengals fans and those who laugh at them).

But how do you really feel about Lewis being hired at ASU?

Seems like a solid hire to me.