Shivakamini Somakandarkram! — There’s A Real-Life Shiva Trophy Inside Levi’s Stadium



Bros, a great quest has come to an end. After years of searching far and wide, we’ve made a great discovery. A journey is over, a mission accomplished. We can finally move on.

We have officially discovered the Holy Grail of fantasy football.

We’re here to tell you that The Shiva — the iconic championship trophy from The League — is real. It *does* exist. And it can be found in the east concourse area of Levi’s Stadium, the $1.3 billion home of the San Francisco 49ers and this year’s Super Bowl 50.

Bask in her glory:



It’s part of Yahoo’s Fantasy Football Hall of Fame powered by Toyota, an interactive ode to armchair sports fans and fantasy football fever. It’s a mini-Canton, but strictly for fantasy players who’d rather spend their Sundays stuffing their faces with Doritos and getting mobile alerts on their team than doing something that’s *actually* athletic.

Located on the main level of the stadium, fans can pay their respects to The Shiva in all her glory. Maybe Snap a selfie with her and smack talk to your buddies about your fantasy dominance?

Right next to the trophy is a futuristic hand-scanner that determines just how cold-blooded you are when it comes to fantasy football (I pulled an icy 96%…), along with a touch-screen NFL trivia quiz. This ain’t no B.S. Buzzfeed quiz, either. Think questions like “Which Cleveland Browns running back rushed for over 1000 yards in 1978?” or “What was Doug Flutie’s favorite game day breakfast?” You need to channel your inner John Clayton to answer correctly without Googling it.

Around the corner is a quarterback challenge. It’s synched up to an Xbox Kinect that gauges the accuracy of your throwing arm at intended targets. And no tribute to fantasy sports would be complete without a throne to sit in while you humblebrag to your friends. The one in Levi’s Stadium spews steam, making for a menacing selfie spot.



But look: The real takeaway here is that The Shiva is real and you can see it for yourself. Just need a ticket to a Niners game.

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