The Red Bull Skydive Team Soaring Above An Active Volcano Is Just Breathtaking

Well that’s some stuff of insanely epic proportions, huh? Talk about a view. Wow.

The three members of Red Bull’s skydiving team – Georg Lettner, Dominic Roithmair, and Marco Fürst – undertook this extreme wingsuit flight over the 7,200-foot tall Mount Bromo outside of Jarkarta in East Java, Indonesia. It’s a freakin’ active volcano that last erupted in January of 2011! So obviously there was definitely some element of risk involved in the epic Red Bull team’s jump, aside from, you know, leaping out of a helicopter at 13,000ft wearing a wingsuit.

But obviously, this trio is a professional as it gets. The footage they delivered is spectacular and breathtaking, to put it quite modestly.

[h/t Men’s Journal]