Red Sox Pitcher Robert Stock’s Wife Throws A Real Zinger About Divorcing Him If He Keeps Walking Leadoff Batters

Boston Red Sox pitcher Robert Stock's wife joked about divorcing him after he continuously walked the leadoff batter

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The Boston Red Sox have had such a pathetic season, with the iconic franchise sitting in the basement of the AL East with a dismal 12 wins in 37 games. Talk about a fall from grace, right? Things were always going to be rough this season given the circumstances and the trade of former AL MVP Mookie Betts earlier this year, but nobody probably expected this.

Given the team’s struggles, it’s not surprising to hear the stories of frustrations from various people. While fans are expected to be upset, Red Sox pitcher Robert Stock got a little surprise on Twitter in the form of his wife after a bad outing he had earlier this week.

Stock has struggled all season long, posting an insane 12.50 ERA in six appearances. But his wife took a serious dig at him after a fan on social media pointed out how his physical appearance looks like a man who’s had a rough go of it. Take a look at the friendly exchange below.

I know nothing about Sara Stock, but go ahead and give her the Wife of the Year Award (if there is such a thing) after this serious zinger. Imagine being Robert Stock right now and having to laugh off this after the pathetic season you’ve had. Hopefully he’s a good sport and knows it was all just a little joke.

After people on Twitter saw Sara’s tweet, they couldn’t help but show some love towards her. Take a look at some replies below.

The season for the Red Sox is all but over, and Stock and his fellow teammates are probably already looking forward to the offseason. Given this kind of humor from Stock’s wife, he may actually have more fun sitting at home than on the baseball field where he’s been getting regularly shelled and watching his club rack up L’s.

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