Wipeout Of The Year? Pissed Off Poseidon Pounds Poor Surfer With Wave That Weighs More Than You House

The 2016 Red Bull Cape Fear big wave surfing contest just took place in Australia. To most of us this is confusing because we only know about the Cape Fear of North Carolina, but there’s also a MASSIVE wave break known as Cape Fear that’s located just outside of Sydney, Australia. 13 of the world’s top big wave surfers gathered at Cape Fear to find an extremely pissed off Poseidon throwing some of the heaviest, most gnarly waves of the year. Noticeably missing from the group was the #1 big wave surfer in the world, Greg Long, but there were plenty of badass surfers on hand for this year’s competition, including Makua Rothman.

The over-arching theme of this year’s competition was ‘gnarly wipeouts’ as the big wave surfers were subjected to some of the most treacherous waves the surfing world has seen this year, and this year was particularly epic with the extremely powerful El Niño churning up skyscraper-sized waves in the Pacific Ocean.

This year’s action isn’t over yet though, with today’s surfing beginning at 5:40pm on Redbull.TV.

Here are some more epic wipeouts from the 2016 Red Bull Cape Fear competition:



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