Redskins’ Special Teams Coach Photographed Whipping Out His Junk And Peeing In Front Of Fans On The Sidelines

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I guess when you gotta go, you gotta go. Even if you are on the sidelines of an NFL game in front of thousands of people in attendance and who knows how many more watching on TV.

Now, I have to say, Washington Redskins special teams coordinator Ben Kotwica is not even close to the first person in the NFL to take a piss on the sidelines, but usually there is someone around the person with a towel or something to shield them from onlookers.

Not with Big Ben though. He DGAF so he just whipped his stuff out right in front of the fans during the 3rd quarter and pissed into a cup.

According to TMZ, who has more pics (because of course they do)…

Problem is … the pee break went down right in front of a bunch of Lions fans who ALL saw the whole thing. The person who snapped these pics was at the game with her two minor kids.

One of the people in the group says Kotwica was the 2ND coach to expose himself and pee by that trash can during the game.

We reached out to the Redskins and a rep had no comment — however, one team source tells us sideline pee breaks happen “all the time” with players and coaches and they always try their best to be discreet.

Kotwica was most DEFINITELY not being discreet. On the plus side, the teams says he won’t face any discipline. I guess having your wang plastered all over the internet the day after the game will serve as enough of a reminder to be more careful in the future.

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