A Redskins Fan REALLY Committed To The Most Inappropriate Costume Ever During Last Night’s Game



Life of a Washington Redskins fan is no walk in the park. Between the Robert Griffin III fiasco, bad play on the field—although its been OK so far this season—and the horrific public relations the team has received by actually KEEPING the Redskins moniker, this team is constantly doing the walk of shame.

Oh, but don’t think that it’s just the players, coaches or front-office people doing it, as this fan proved by wearing the most racist and inappropriate costume to the Skins-Giants game last night.


For all the shit the team has gotten about changing their name, you would think this guy would be a little smarter than to wear a full-fledged Native American outfit, complete with red face paint to appear, well, you know.

Keep on truckin’, Redskins fans—just don’t follow this bro’s lead, because this is what I’d call a bad look.

[H/T FTW.USAToday]