Update: Richard Sherman Lays Out Defender At End Of Game, Was it Pass Interference?

Richard Sherman continues to get away with calls.

Early in tonight’s Monday Night Football game, Sherman dove into kicker Dan Carpenter’s knees but the refs didn’t call roughing the kicker.

On the final play of the game, Sherman lays out a wide receiver but doesn’t get called for anything

Update: According to several people this play was legal since Taylor was outside of the pocket.

Some clarification via Football Zebras

Even though this looks like another officiating controversy added to this game, the crew got this one right.

Although defensive backs generally aren’t allowed to contact a receiver more than five yards down the field, this play is legal for a few reasons. Defensive backs are allowed to establish their space. It appeared that the Bills receiver was trying to get Sherman to back off by doing a Maverick-style buzzing of the tower and Sherman just defended his space. Also, quarterback Tyrod Taylor was out of the pocket so it is legal to block the same as if it was a run play, and it was legal for Sherman to hit the Bills receiver at that time.

Sherman also commented on the play.

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