Reporter Trolls Cowboys Fan LeBron James Asking Him About The Redskins-Packers Playoff Game


God, I love this reporter and I don’t even know his name. No idea what member of the Washington, D.C. media posed a question about the NFL Wild Card playoffs to LeBron James during the Cavaliers shoot-around on Wednesday, but well done, sir. When’s the best time to troll a Cowboys fan? Always.

As you can tell, King James wasn’t exactly tickled by the question, offering up a mundane-as-it-gets “Go Aaron Rodgers.” His response was almost as mundane as the Cowboys 4-12 season. At least have some NFC East pride and go with the Redskins, Lebron! So what if they just throttled the Cowboys to close out the regular season. Don’t you want to at least be losing to the better team?

But seriously, I feel like the only person outside of Washington that thinks the ‘Skins have a decent chance of beating the Packers this weekend. Kirk Cousins has that hot hand of late, can’t argue that.

[h/t CSN Mid-Atlantic]

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