Retired NFL Bro Pat McAfee Pursuing Dream To Become A Pro Wrestler

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Back in February, Indianapolis Colts punter and all-around bro Pat McAfee shocked the NFL community when he retired from football at the age of 30 to blog and podcast.

Now that he has a bunch of free time on his hands, McAfee is taking the first step in fulfilling his dream of becoming a professional wrestler by rebuilding his wrestling ring and training with legendary wrestling coach Rip Rogers.

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Well God damn.. let's do this

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McAfee’s obsession with becoming a pro wrestler is nothing new. Here is talking about his passion for the sport in an interview back in January.

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“I used to sit in my room — I grew up in a very blue-collar family, and every Monday night was my escape. I’d watch (WCW’s Monday Night) ‘Nitro’ and (WWE’s Monday Night) ‘Raw,’ and I would see the Nature Boy (Ric Flair) talking about limousine-ridin’, jet-flyin’, all that stuff. And you’d hear the Rock and his persona and his image and Triple-H, Stone Cold … those are the guys I wanted to be. My dream was always to become a professional wrestler. I kicked a football one day and found out it would go real far and a business decision kind of took me that way. But wrestling is still on my mind.”

Back in 2009, before he has was drafted by the Colts McAfee wrestled one match in a small West Virginia pro wrestling circuit against some dude named “Warpig”

Here’s hoping we can see McAfee at a wrestling arena near you sometimes soon.