This Revolutionary New Helmet Might Be The Answer To Eliminating Concussions In Football



For years now, the NFL has been talking about how they hope to not only prevent concussions in the game, but also try and acknowledge those players affected with crippling long-term symptoms from sustaining numerous blows to the head during their playing careers.

With the movie Concussion being the first time the league has openly put their name on a film that brings awareness to the ongoing topic, it’s time for the NFL and the entire sport of football to take the next step and demand state-of-the-art equipment for players to use—and the Vicis Zero1 helmet may just be the answer they’re looking for.

As some of us may or may not know, players in today’s bigger, stronger and faster games are still using a helmet that was designed over 40 years ago, meaning it hasn’t been developed to fit the modifications of today’s athletes.

The Vicis Zero1, which has been specifically designed by neurosurgeons and engineers, is a MAJOR game changer when it comes to head protection, with the design meant to act like a car bumper, deforming locally to absorb any impact.





Multi-layered for extra safety and available in 12 different sizes in order to insure protection, fit and feel for the athlete, the Vicis Zero1 might just be the answer that football players everywhere are looking for to help eliminate head injuries both in the short- and long-term, while still keeping the hard hits us fans all love to see.

You can read more about the Vicis Zero1 here, but the video above is a pretty good representation on how this helmet could help improve the sport of football.

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