Did RG3 Throw All His Teammates Under The Bus In His Post-Game Presser?



Men’s style icon Robert Griffin the Third, seen here in a dashing camouflage shirt and black and grey, plaid, ushanka cap, moonlights as a quarterback for the Washington Redskins.

Today, in his secondary job, he put in one of the worst performances of his brief career. And who is to blame?


OUCH. That soundbite certainly won’t be parsed and analyzed incessantly for the remainder of his career.

Yes, both of Griffin’s picks came on decent passes that should have been caught by his receivers, but dude. Dude. You’ve played like four good games since 2012. So… don’t start.

Seriously, you aren’t supposed to say that (true as it may be). For an example of what you are supposed to do, here is Peyton Manning responding to a similar topic today.