RGIII Responds To The Entire Internet Roasting His Haircut With Photo Of More Atrocious Angle

Mark Brown/Getty Images

My favorite thing on the internet this week has undoubtedly been the tragedy that is Robert Griffin III’s haircut.

The Baltimore Ravens could-be starting quarterback has made nearly $30 million in his six years since entering the league, but evidently still cuts his own hair. The 28-year-old recently made public what is otherwise a lovely photograph with his new wife, Grete Sadeiko.

The obvious problem here is RGIII’s hair lineup, which looks like a rattlesnake having a seizure.

Hundreds of people commented on the atrocity, and I genuinely laughed out loud at this one:

RGIII himself has weighed in on the issue by providing an alternative angle of the haircut. Somehow it’s even worse.

RGIII, we’re all glad to see you’re keeping a sense of humor about it but you have yet to give the people what they need: An explanation.

Instead, you’ve only created another opportunity for people to pile on. I hope this saga never ends.

Reports are swirling that we could see RGIII under center for the Ravens game against the Chiefs Sunday. Luckily, he’ll be wearing a helmet.

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