Ric Flair’s Daughter Made Him Cry During Monday Night RAW Last Night And Twitter Had A Field Day

If I’m being honest, there’s plenty of reasons why Ric Flair should be crying. For one, he’s still alive somehow. That’s reason enough to be excited. The dude’s has to be running out of his 9 lives. For another, his daughter’s hot, and no dad who has a hot daughter should be happy in today’s day and age. And now, on top of his girl being hot, she’s emasculating him on live television and starting feuds with him.

Hey Ric, here’s a tip, never let the world see your daughter make you cry on national television. You’ll never hear the end of it. I mean, look at some of these tweets already. You cried 12 hours ago and you may have already replaced the crying Jordan meme.

Well now the only thing that Flair can realistically do is publicly insult his daughter and make her cry. Best way would probably be to “leak” pictures of her going through her chubby phase or show the world all of the dirty texts she used to send to her high school boyfriends. Maybe even tell a story of the time he caught her sneaking booze out of his liquor cabinet and forced her to drink it until she had it coming out of both ends as punishment. No one knows how to dismantle a child better than a parent. And she made her father cry. She opened up a can of worms she’ll never be able to fully close. I’m kind of crossing my fingers that we’ll be able to get a new meme where both Flairs are crying together. The only way to top a meme of one face is to add another face. Crying Flairs will undoubtedly be able to finally dethrone Crying Jordan.