Richard Jefferson Makes Good On Promise Made On ESPN Free Agent Special, Will Become A Ref, Sort Of

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Two weeks ago, Richard Jefferson made a bold declaration on ESPN’s NBA Free Agency special.

The NBA veteran and 2016 NBA champion had the following to say when faced with the possibility of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving both joining the Lakers:

“I will retire from this show if KD and Kyrie and Bron are in LA. I will retire…I’m gonna go referee.”

As far as we know, Durant and Irving haven’t gone anywhere yet, especially not the Lakers. But Jefferson is going to become a referee. Well, sort of.

The NBA department of communications put out a tweet on Monday afternoon revealing that Refferson will officiate the second quarter of Monday’s NBA Summer League game between the New York Knicks and Portland Trailblazers. Jefferson has spent recent days attending officiating meetings. He’s also a 17-year veteran of the league. After officiating the quarter, Jefferson will join the halftime broadcast on ESPN2.

Most fans loved the idea and were immediately curious how Jefferson would fare with a whistle.

But some fans, in particular those of the Knicks, didn’t want Jefferson anywhere near the game.

Others just made the extremely obvious joke.

The move is sure to be a huge ratings boost for ESPN and the NBA. Jefferson is one of the network’s most gregarious personalities and is never afraid to speak his mind. Jefferson has recently dished on a number of topics. From shortening the NBA season to players skipping summer league, Jefferson has had his say. The NBA vet will no doubt have plenty to say after this experience as well.