Richard Sherman Is Not Convinced That Marshawn Lynch Will Stay Retired


Marshawn Lynch announced his retirement in February, but Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is not fully convinced that the Beast Mode will stay retired for much longer.

Yesterday, Sherman told’s Conor Orr that he could see Lynch changing his mind and returning to the field next season.

“I don’t put anything past him,” “He’s about as predictable as a pair of dice. So I don’t try to call his plays.

“But it’s obviously going to be different. We got a little sample of it last year. We had to play without him for a good portion of the season. I think we’re prepared for it in some aspects. But you never really want to be prepared for that. You would hope that he comes back. In the back of your mind, you hope he comes back and plays another year. But he doesn’t owe us anything. He’s given us everything. He’s given the game everything we asked.”

As of May 12, Lynch had not yet officially retired which opens the door for a possible return.