Richard Sherman Beats Down Travis Kelce In Madden ’20 With Niners Defense In ‘Game Before The Game’ In Miami

Before Sunday’s big game, Niners defensive back Richard Sherman took on Chiefs’ star tight end in a game of Madden’ 20 in XBOX sessions “game before the game”

Both players were playing for charity of their choice to receive 50 Xbox One consoles and a copy of Madden NFL 20. Kelce played for his for his organization, Eighty-Seven & Running, while Sherman represented for Blanket Coverage, the Richard Sherman Family Foundation.

Despite saying he wasn’t much a Madden player, Sherman got off to a quick start.

Sherm, with a help of the Niners suffocating defense, was able to grab a big lead in the third quarter after grabbing a pick six.

Kelce somehow made it close late in the fourth quarter with a hail mary in the last 30 seconds.

Eventually Sherman was able to put Kelce away when he recovered the final onside kick for a final score of 21-16.

Even though Kelce lost his charity was still awarded 25 XBOX ones and a copy of Madden NFL 20.

If you want to watch a replay of Sherman and Kelce’s game of Madden you can watch it below.