Richard Sherman Yelled At His Coaches For Passing The Ball On The 1-Yard Line During Last Night’s Game


It seems like Richard Sherman is still bitter about the Seahawks throwing the ball on the 1-yard line back in Super Bowl 49.

Last night, Sherman revealed that he had yelled at head coach Pete Carroll for passing the ball on the 1-yard line during their game against the Rams.


“I’m upset about us throwing from the 1,” Sherman said afterward. “I’d rather do what most teams would do, making a conscientious decision to run the ball.”

Sherman said he was initially talking to Pete Carroll on the sideline, but then offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell got involved.

“Yeah, I was letting [Carroll] know. We’ve already seen how that goes,” Sherman said, alluding to the Seahawks’ Super Bowl XLIX loss to the New England Patriots, which ended on a Russell Wilson interception in a similar situation.

“I’m sure you guys have seen that play enough times,” Sherman said.

Sherman might want to chill because the Seahawks were eventually able to score on the 1-yard line via a pass play.