Rihanna Sees Spectacular 640% Increase In Streaming After Super Bowl Halftime Show


Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

118.7 million people watched 34-year old Rihanna preform the Super Bowl halftime. “Only” 113 million watched the actual football game. She was so dominant that she had more viewers for halftime than the event her show was named after. She then broke the internet and streaming services. 


On Spotify, the music streaming for the GOAT singer increased by more than 640 percent in the United States after her 15-minute show, according to the DailyMail

Rihanna sang hit after hit during the memorable event that saw the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles in the final seconds. Every song in her act was better than the next.

Rihanna Wasn’t Paid But It Was Worth it

The NFL doesn’t pay artists to appear on their Super Bowl halftime shows but the exposure is clearly worth it as Rihanna made up the money in other ways.

Three of her songs passed the billion-streams mark after she was announced as the Halftime show performer back on September 25th last year. ‘Umbrella’, ‘We Found Love’ and ‘Love On The Brain’.

Her opening song ‘Bi**h Better Have My Money’ went up by more than 2,600 percent on Spotify. ‘Diamonds’ reached over 1,400 percent increase, streaming for ‘Rude Boy’ shot up by 1,170 percent and We Found Love jumped up by 1,160 percent.

Special Guest

Traditionally musical acts at the Super Bowl halftime show bring at least one mystery guest to surprise fans in the middle of their performance. Rihanna kept that streak alive, sorta of.

When Rihanna signed up to do the halftime show, she didn’t know she’ll be pregnant when the time comes, but that didn’t stop her from performing 12 hit songs in 13 minutes while being suspended 150 ft in the air.

Her special guest was there all along.