NBA Fans Are Clowning RJ Hampton For Admitting He Has Burner Accounts To Defend Against Trolls

RJ Hampton dribbles the ball during a Pistons game.

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NBA fans are clowning guard RJ Hampton for admitting to having multiple burner accounts to defend against online trolls. The Detroit Piston apparently doesn’t want to reply to followers under his own personal accounts.

As we all know with the cesspool that is social media, users are quick to spew off hate about players, performances, and pretty much any topic under the sun due to the veil of anonymity.

Those trolls are now coming out to mock Hampton further following his latest comments.

β€œI don’t care. Who else is going to defend me if I don’t defend myself?”

Hampton says he has accounts for Twitter, Instagram, and even TikTok. He’s leaving no stone unturned when it comes to his online presence.

Fans were quick to respond to RJ Hampton’s remarks, with most immediately mocking him.

The hunt is now on as fans scour social media to expose RJ Hampton’s burners.

Of course, some think it could be hard to find those accounts as not many fans are talking about a player that’s averaging just six points and 15 minutes a game.

RJ Hampton might have to hop on those burners again tonight in order to defend himself further over his latest admission.