Fox Analyst Rob Gronkowski Saying ‘Get That Nut’ On National Television His First Day On The Job Is What Legends Are Made Of

by 9 months ago


Imagine Gronk being called into the executive suite at Fox before his debut as an analyst on Thursday Night Football. He is wearing a cutoff sleeveless belly shirt and has Camille Kostek around his neck like a boa constrictor. He is shaking a protein shaker bottle that reeks of Captain Morgan.

Fox Exec: Robert, really happy to have you on board, but we are a humorless outlet that thrives on the mundane. Sooo no 69 talk, kapeesh?

Gronk: But, how come Troy Aikman is allowed to rip a bong to the face in the booth?

Fox Exec: He’s been drug tested multiple times. We suspect he’s jacking Joe Buck’s piss, but cannot comment on the ongoing investigation.

Gronk: Ok, dope. No 69 talk.

Also Gronk:

“He’s furry. He’s cute. … Most importantly, whenever he gets the chance, he gets that nut.”

There is no chance Gronk was not referring to Edelman laying pipe when he said this. I mean, look at these animalistic eyes.


Gronk is out here playing by the rules while also finding loopholes his first day on the job. This is veteran shit, especially for a guy whose had 20 concussions.

Don’t get used to life in the booth, big guy. See you on the field Week 14.

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