Rob Gronkowski Going Undercover As A Lyft Driver Is So Entertaining, You’ll Briefly Forget It’s Completely Staged

by 1 year ago

I’ve begun to treat these Undercover Lyft segments like pro wrestling–it takes a suspension of disbelief to truly enjoy them. You have to ignore the fact that no psychopath would sit in the front seat of a ride share unless there was a corpse in the backseat. You gotta get past the fact that the 6’6” Transformer looking mafucka with hands the size of baseball gloves who can’t stop talking about his love for Rob Gronkowski, maybe possible could be Rob Gronkowski. You have to pretend that there isn’t one person in New England who wouldn’t recognize that voice before they put their seatbelt on. If and when you concede to all that, then and only then these segments can truly be appreciated. It also helps that everything Rob Gronkowski does is top notch entertainment. The dude is a goooooooon.

P.S. I’m surprised the ball still has air left in it after the pounding it took on the pavement after this spike….

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