Rob Gronkowski Hints At Another Possible Reunion With Tom Brady

Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady

Getty Image / Mike Ehrmann

Tom Brady recently retired from the NFL despite there still being a buzz he could potentially return for one more season.

However, his former teammate Rob Gronkowski hints at a possible reunion.

According to the Athletic, Gronkowski likes the idea of joining Brady in the booth to call NFL games.

Rob Gronkowski sure is excited for Tom Brady to join him at Fox, per The Athletic. “That’s definitely a possibility for sure, being with Tom for so long and now we’re going to be at Fox together.”

He continues by stating, “There really hasn’t been any plans or anything or any talks about it, but that definitely could be a possibility. We could banter back and forth in some way, somehow, maybe do a couple promos together or whatever it is. That will be down the road. Time will have to tell with that.”

Look, if they’re in the studio I’m all for it. Listening to Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady share their analysis during the pregame would be interesting to watch.

However, having them both in the booth could be a bit messy, as NFL fans seem to hate the idea.

It’s really hard to imagine Gronk in the booth.

Oh well. At the very least, Rob Gronkowski is excited to work with Tom Brady again. Only this time, they’re not on the field.