Rob Gronkowski Is Hosting A Standup Comedy Special On Showtime This Friday

rob gronkowski

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Rob Gronkowski found himself in a bit of trouble last year after making some questionable jokes at a roast of former Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz and was at least partially responsible for ensuring the event would never see the light of day. However, it doesn’t appear the New England Patriots tight end was discouraged by the negative reception to his appearance at the event, and he’s been rewarded with a shot at redemption now that’s he’s been given the opportunity to host a standup comedy special set to air on Showtime this Friday.

The special— titled Unsportsmanlike Conduct With Rob Gronkowski— is described as a night where sports meets comedy and will feature a number of standup veterans including Saturday Night Live alumni Finesse Mitchell and Lenny Clarke, a longtime staple of the Boston comedy scene.

This won’t be the first time Gronk will have a chance to showcase his sense of humor. He managed to inject some humor into the normally tense White House press briefings when he offered to help out Sean Spicer when the Pats traveled down to Washington, D.C. in the wake of their most recent Super Bowl victory, and he flexed his improv skills when he went undercover as a Lyft driver back in 2016.

Based on everything I know about Gronkowski, I can only assume he’ll attempt to reference the number 69 as much as possible because there’s literally nothing in the world capable of entertaining him more than that.

If you don’t have anything else going on on Friday night, you can tune into the special at 10 PM Eastern Time.

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