Rob Riggle And Ken Jeong’s Adele Parody Song About The NFC East Is A Goddamn Work Of Art



The NFC East is a goddamn shit show. Like reality TV-level shit sandwich. The New York Giants are atop the division at 4-4, the Redskins are all but guaranteed to get anally probed by the Patriots today, Jerry Jones has spoken so highly of that raging lunatic ass clown defensive end of his that I wouldn’t be surprised if he forces his daughter to marry him, and the Philadelphia Eagles’ offensive line is leakier than my asshole after a Chipotle burrito bowl (with extra pinto beans). And don’t they want to fire Chip? No? K, wait 5 minutes.

Rob Riggle and Ken Jeong did a spectacular job parodying the absurdity of the NFL East with their fire rework of Adele’s cultural phenomenon ‘Hello’ (I enjoy this song thoroughly. I also miss my ex-girlfriend).

Check out the work of art below.



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