Robbie Gould Was Not Going To Miss Game-Winning Field Goal For 49ers After His Savage Warmups

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Saturday’s NFC Divisional Round game between San Francisco and Green Bay came down to the final seconds. 49ers kicker knocked in a game-winning field goal as time expired and eliminated the Packers from the playoffs on their own turf.

Gould, 39, has been in the league since 2005. He spent his first ten years with the Bears, a year with the Giants and has been in the bay area since 2017.

Needless to say, he has made a few kicks in his career. 408, to be exact.

None, however, have been as important as the final kick on Saturday. The 49ers got the ball back with just over three minutes left and drove 44 yards on nine plays to set up a 45-yarder for Gould.

In the cold, Gould was as cold as ice and drilled it.

The celebration was on.

Although the game-winner was the biggest kick of the night, obviously, but it might not have been the most savage. Prior to the game, Gould was getting warmed up on the field¬†during the Packers’ player introductions.

Literally right in the middle of them.

As the players got introduced one by one and ran out of the tunnel through a gauntlet of teammates, Gould was right next to them. Less than 10 yards away, the veteran kicker was kicking over the Green Bay players.

Why Gould could not have used the other side of the field is unclear. Maybe he had already kicked in that direction and needed to get work in on the other end?