The Rockets Are Paying An Unfathomable Amount Of Money To Players Not On Their Roster

John Wall sits on the bench.

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The Houston Rockets are paying unfathomable amounts of cash to players not currently on the roster. The team owes millions to hoopers that have since moved on from the organization.

The ridiculous spending has many NBA fans online posting their reactions.

Houston opted to buy out a number of players at the trade deadline. Due to that fact, they’ll now pay a combined $84 million this season to players that are no longer a part of the franchise.

Most notable on the list is John Wall, who’s owed $47.5 million in 2023. Wall signed his player option with the Rockets last season but wound up in Los Angeles with the Clippers shortly thereafter. In a surprise move, he recently landed back in Houston as part of a three-way trade before being waived.

Derrick Favors, who is now in Oklahoma City, was waived last October. Danny Green recently agreed to a buyout with the team, and now finds himself in Cleveland. Both are owed $10 million.

A number of other non-rostered players will be paid handsomely by the Rockets as they continue to get rid of dead weight. And while they’re spending big now, they’ll also have the most salary cap space in the NBA next season.

Fans were quick to comment on the recent report on social media.

One fan wrote, “This is wild money management, like, no wonder this team has been stuck for years.”

Another said, “Fleece City!”

Others, however, are looking past this year. Many commented on that soon-to-come salary cap freedom.

“They have like 60M in cap space next season,” this fan posted.

That will give the Rockets flexibility with the roster in 2023-24 as they look to improve the team through the draft and potentially add a big name on the trade market. Houston should be a team to watch this offseason.