Eagles’ Rodney McLeod Reveals The Most Incredible Running Backs He’s Battled In His NFL Career

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I’m no Mel Kiper, but I’d guess that if you’ve made it as a safety in the NFL, you enjoy contact as much as much as Robert Kraft enjoys a reasonably priced handjob in a strip mall.

Eagles safety Rodney McLeod is one of those guys, with the added chip of being undrafted out of Virginia. Just ask Emmanuel Sanders when he’s done screwing his head back on.

We spoke with the Super Bowl champion on our Endless Hustle Podcast and asked which running backs he’s encountered in his eight seasons in the league that are built Ford tough.

Adrian Peterson.

I’ve faced him in his prime. He can do it all. If he wants to juke you, he can do that. If he wants to run past you, he can. If he wants to lower the shoulder, man as a safety you have to bring your A game with AP.

Marshawn Lynch.

Another strong runner. Violent. We’ve seen all his highlights. The “HOLD MY DICK!” and all that. Do not hit him high. You cannot do that. Don’t do it.

This run is like Home Alone. Seen it a million times, but will never stop.

Saquon Barkley.

New school. Saquon is so dynamic and he reacts to it all. If he decides to go low on him, he hurdles you at the last second and has the speed to separate.

Ezekiel Elliott.

Zeke is just physical. Does a real good job at kind of torquing his body and his ability to be able to absorb hits I think is what makes him good.

Rodney’s my dude, but these photos are art.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Listen to the entire conversation with Rodney McLeod and Ini Ikpe below.

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