Roger Goodell Claims That Handing The Lombardi Trophy To Tom Brady Won’t Be Awkward–OOOK, Pal

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After ruling with an iron fist in the messy Deflategate saga and railroading Tom Brady for a crime that was largely unfounded, NFL commish Roger Goodell has avoided Gillette Stadium like the homeless guy on the subway car.

Goodell only exacerbated the notion of him being salty and/or petrified to face the music when he didn’t show up to either of the Patriots playoff home games, while trekking to Atlanta TWICE. And if you think this is nothing, consider being a parent and going to your better-liked son’s football game twice while your perceived fuck up son has to hitch a ride to his games with the kid who picks his nose on the sidelines. I don’t care the context of the situation, fairness and balance is a universal term.

Goodell called in to Colin Cowherd of Fox Sports Radio to address why he was a no show for either game after Cowherd asked if it were due to “safety concerns.” Goodell responded with a load of steamy bullshit.

“Listen, Colin, we had two great games,” Goodell said. “I was in Boston two years ago for the divisional and the championship games. I try to get to as many stadiums as I can. We have two great games, and you’ve got to choose. Frankly, the focus should be on the players.”

Cowherd then turned his focus on the man Goodell suspended for four games. Asking Goodell if he’s going to feel any awkwardness handing the Lombardi Trophy to Brady if the Pats win, Goodell praised Brady and the Patriots, whether sincere or not.

“Not for a second,” Goodell said when asked if it would be uncomfortable giving Brady the trophy, via “This is one of the great opportunities. We have, two dominant teams playing in the Super Bowl. The Patriots and Falcons have both earned the opportunity to be there. They deserve it. And whoever wins that championship is going to have to earn it. These are great teams. So I am going to be thrilled …

“Tom Brady is one of the all-time greats. He has been for several years. He’s on the precipice of at least potentially winning his fifth Super Bowl. He’s an extraordinary player, great performer and surefire Hall of Famer. So it would be an honor.”

There is no one New Englanders loathe more at the moment than Roger Goodell. Chants mocking him bellowed throughout the stadium during the AFC Championship and the Boston media has treated him like a punching bag over the past year. For Goodell to play the ‘business as usual’ routine under these circumstances is flat out disingenuous and a microcosm of everything this douche canoe is.

[h/t Yahoo!]

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