The Worst Swing In MLB History Was Followed By A Baserunner Getting Ball-Tapped Trying To Steal Second

New York Yankees infielder Ronald Torreyes threw his hat into the ring for “Worst Swing In Major League Baseball History” yesterday afternoon when he half-heartedly waved his bat AFTER Texas Rangers catcher Robinson Chirinos caught a pitchout to gun down Yankees baserunner Aaron Hicks on an attempted steal.

[mlbvideo id=”875736983?topic_id=6479266″ width=”650″ height=”364″ /]

I might’ve just set the record for longest sentence alive. Wow. Anyway, the world’s laziest steal protection took place in the bottom of the fifth with the score tied 1-1. MLB’s Vine account gave Torreyes an ‘A for effort’…

To add insult to injury… or injury to insult, Hicks was tagged out by Rangers shortstop Jurickson Profar right in the balls as Hicks slid into second.

aaron hicks caught stealing ball tap


Yes, your testicles aren’t located on your hamstring, so the brunt of the blow wasn’t to the babymakers, but I can’t imagine Profar’s forearm to the gonads can feel any better.

The Yankees actually stole the win 2-1 to even their record at 39-39, putting them 8 games back of the AL East-leading Baltimore Orioles. Meanwhile the Rangers are 51-29 and I don’t feel like ANYONE is talking about them outside of the Lone Star State. Rangers-Cubs World Series? Meh. Cubs in 3.

Via Fox Sports


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