Listening To Ronda Rousey Being Cocky AF About Never Losing A Fight Is Pure Irony


No one thought it could happen, including Ronda Rousey herself, but on Saturday night/Sunday morning, Holly Holm proved the world wrong at UFC 193 and sent Ronda down to the mat with a vicious KO kick to the head. Now it seems all the self-assuring smack talk Ronda mouthed leading up to the fight was, well, LOL.

This SportsCenter segment for example…

“I was wondering, what’s more impossible: me losing a fight or the Cubs winning the World Series?” Looking back now, of course the answer to that question had to be the Cubs ever winning the crown. Like that could ever happen! They’re legitimately cursed for God’s sake!

And on the subject of curses, oddly enough, with just as much confidence as the remark made to Michael Wilbon above, Rousey actually foreshadowed exactly how she was going to get knocked out when she dropped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon a few weeks ago as well. Did she curse herself?

You knew it was coming! But you let it happen anyway, Ronda! When’s the rematch? We need redemption.

[via Vine / YouTube]

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