What, The Hell, Is Up With This Giant, VERY WEIRD Painting Of Ronda Rousey In The UFC Offices?

So as I was doing a little more reading up on the big UFC sale I saw something that pretty much blew my mind.

I came across this tweet by Chris Maathuis, the Sports Director at KLAS-TV in Las Vegas, showing a photo from an interview he did with UFC honcho Lorenzo Fertitta.

What. Is. That. On. The Wall?

I mean, I know it’s a painting of Ronda Rousey, but… what the hell?

(A) It’s HUGE. (B) Why does she look like she has warrior facepaint on? And (C) See A and B.

That is one HELL of an office conversation piece right there.

Sorry, I have to get a better look at this thing…


Well, based on that, I am guessing that they are feeling pretty confident that Rousey is going to be making a return to Octagon at some point if they’ve got that thing hanging on the wall in their offices.

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H/T The Big Lead

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