Ronda Rousey Has A Really Weird Post-Fight Snack And It’s Something That Makes Me Crap My Brains Out

by 3 years ago

Ronda Rousey nude

Ronda Rousey is one of the fittest athletes on the planet, showing off a sexy six pack that helps her absorb any strikes from opponents during her, normally, short matches. But the undefeated UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion has an odd post-fight meal that’s more fit for us fatasses who sit around on the couch all day.

Talking to SELF Magazine—with whom the fighter recently posed on the cover for—Rousey admitted that she’s a lover of chicken wings as much as you or I am, having this to say:

“I eat about 50 hot wings. I love hot wings. After my last fight, one of the UFC owners flew in a private chef from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro so that he could make me hot wings, because there are no hot wings in Rio! That’s how important they are to me.”

I mean, damn, Ronda, a private chef coming from over 250 miles to feed your wing appetite is just a baller move, and one that I can appreciate as someone who gets down on the things whenever I get the chance.

Ronda Rousey is perfect in her profession, is as sexy as they come and can house 50 chicken wings, so, yeah, I’m convinced she’s the perfect woman on the planet now.

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