I Bet Ronda Rousey Could Still Whip You While Wearing This Pokemon Costume During A Training Sesh

Ronda Rousey is a complete badass who can beat the hell out of anyone she wants to at any second of the day, but she also has a little soft spot for Pokemons—and she showed just how big her adoration is by training dressed as her favorite character, Pikachu.

Rousey admitted in 2014 that she was a big-time Pikachu lover, saying, per FTW.USAToday:

“Mew is the originator of all the other Pokémons… Mew is the original one and [all the other Pokémon] came from that one. And, you couldn’t catch Mew in the original game. You had to use the lavender town…. I actually went to the mall for those Pokémon events, those little tournaments to get me a Mew. I wanted Mew so bad. I like waited in line with all the other nerds for hours. I wanted to get me a Mew, and a Mew certificate of authenticity that I taped to my wall.”

She might seem all sweet and innocent by talking about Pokemon, but don’t think that Rousey still couldn’t demolish someone wearing that giant costume—so be careful who you mock this Halloween, bros, because the person hiding inside that outfit could be a UFC champ.

[H/T FTW.USAToday]