What Ronda Rousey Said She Was Willing To Do To Win Her First UFC Fight Is Frightening, But So Badass

by 3 years ago

What Ronda Rousey has accomplished in her UFC career is nothing short of spectacular, as she carries an undefeated career record and is known as the single-most badass woman on the planet.

Never one to sit on her thoughts, Rousey recently talked about her first ever UFC fight back in 2013 against Liz Carmouche, when Rowdy entered the Octagon with a 6-0 record in MMA, hoping to earn the respect of UFC by winning the women’s bantamweight championship that night.

In a back-and-forth match with Carmouche, Rousey had this to say what she was willing to do in order to win that fight—and it’s fucking insane. Per the L.A. Times:

“I dislocated my jaw, broke my sinuses, was coughing. When her hand went across my jaw, my mouth was ripped open. That’s the only fight I got a bruise in. The worse-case scenario is you break your neck, and my neck was past the place where it shouldn’t have gone. It was in that moment I realized I was willing to die to win this fight. I was willing to be a quadriplegic to win that fight. It was that important to me. I didn’t care. The thought of giving up never happened. You have to want it more than the other person.”

So, what Rousey’s saying is that no one should ever doubt her commitment to her craft or think that she doesn’t carry a chip on her shoulder, because, holy shit, this is nuts.

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