These Guys Can Cross ‘Jump Off A Bridge And Dunk A Basketball’ Off Their Bucket List

Here’s the story behind this insane video:

The Dunking Devils philosophy is built around one magical sentence: »There’s one true direction. Up!«

As Domen from the Dunking Devils team puts it: “For us it is all about thinking of something that has not been done before and finding a way to do it. It takes time, persistence and a lot of fails but for us that is the true definition of bonding and fun. Pushing ourselves to creating something truly unique.”

By always improving, pushing the limits of what is possible and thinking outside the box the Dunking Devils have inspired millions of people around the world.

Their latest project literally takes Freestyle Basketball Dunking to a new level. Instead of trampolines the Dunking Devils dunkers use a giant rope swing under a railway bridge to make crazy dunks and acrobatics 10m above the Sava River in Ljubljana, Slovenija.

It won’t be possible to add this dunk to next year’s NBA Slam Dunk contest. And not just because it involves a massive bridge, a hoop suspended above water and the possibility of death but because there’s no possible way to top it.