Roy Hibbert Tweeted About The San Bernardino Shootings And Twitter Lost Its Damn Mind

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Lakers center Roy Hibbert made an attempt on Twitter to show sympathy for the awful San Bernardino shootings and it went about as smoothly as everything the big fella has accomplished on the court over the last two years.

Losing NBA basketball games left and right hurting your heart a bit less than a mass shooting is not exactly putting ANYTHING in the proper perspective.

Twitter obviously hated it and yet it still somehow remains on his page. His handle of “@Roy_Meets_World” feels especially apt at the moment.

It’s up there. But there are like 2,362,000 worst Tweets of all time. Tough call.

See, this is also hard to do. Being a larger flaming pile of shit than the Lakers — especially when you’re already on the Lakers — is quite a feat. Only Roy, only Roy.

What’s amazing is Roy has left the tweet up for it to be continually shat upon. For some reason, that actually makes sense. Again, this is Roy Hibbert.

To himself, most certainly.

OK, Roy. It’s time. On behalf everyone with a sliver of a brain cell, please have the jaws of life remove your head from your ass.

Roy Hibbert Tweet

The finisher in this exchange almost made Roy’s stupidity worth it. Almost.

Hey, at least he’s doing it ALL for the LakeShow this year.

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